RCML: Software To Speed Up Programming and Integration of Industrial Robotics and Machinery

RCML: Meta Software For Industrial Robotics
Abstract Meta Language allows to program and connect any robot, manufacturing task, equipment, regardless of model and brand – significantly speeding up integration and deployment of industrial automation solutions

RCML Supports High-level Programming Languages: C++/Python/Java - any software engineer is able to develop robotic solutions without need to learn low-level, proprietary languages provided by the equipment vendors
Any Robot
Any Operation
Any Industry
Manufacturing is coming back to America.
Robotic automation of businesses is growing exponentially.
We are here to speed it up: efficient automation with RCML Software and Integration Services
How It Works
RCML Provides Ready-to-deploy, Adjustable Solutions for Pick And place, Assembling, Disassembling, Painting, Welding, Palletizing, Quality Inspection, and Other Common Robotic Tasks
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RCML, Boston.
RCML Worldwide Integration Services
RCML Worldwide Integration Services Team offers turn-key solutions - from single robotic cells to complete production lines. We provide engineering consulting, design, and integration. Using RCML software, we deliver complete solutions in weeks instead of months or years.
RCML provides solutions across a wide range of industries: Automotive, Pharma, Warehousing, Electronics, Apparel, Food, Flexible Manufacturing, and others
RCML Software Highlights:
Unified API for robots made by KUKA, FANUC, ABB, YASKAWA
API capabilities:
  • Execution of all robot movements: joint, cartesian, lin, arc, circ, spline, as well as a full control over their parameters: cnt, speed, DIO.
  • Control of the periphery devices connected to a robot: positioners, linear axes, grippers, welding machines, etc.
  • Control over all types of robot signals: digital (DIO, GIO, UIO, RIO) and analog (AIO).
  • Processing of all the exceptions in auto mode: safety / maintenance / movement / alarm.
SDK for C++, Java, Python
Program industrial robots in your favorite programming language.

The SDK will make your application independent of the robot brand.
It can automatically check the compatibility of your application with the configuration of the robot.
Capabilities required in every robot application
  • Managing of the flow of tasks, reprogramming robot(s) due to a change in tasks and/or priorities.
  • Motion planning, calculation of axis's positions.
  • Import and visualization of CAD models for robots and rigging.
  • Collision prevention, obstacle avoidance.
  • Easy-to-use user interface for managing robot applications.
Built-in protection against unauthorized copying
Tools for licensing your application to end users and robots
Binding the license to serial number of a controller, of a robot, or to the time of operation
Feedback about user & robot experience
Provides anonymous feedback about user & robot experience of your application through RCML cloud.
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