About Us
RCML (Robot Control Meta Language) is an American engineering and robotics software company founded as a spin-off from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Headquartered in Seaport, Boston.

RCML's flagship product is a Software Platform for Industrial Robotic Automation that allows to program and connect any robot regardless of model and brand – significantly speeding up integration and deployment of industrial automation solutions.

The software allows programming robots and machines using C++, Java, Python, and consists of pre-defined, ready-to-deploy solutions. It eliminates a need to use proprietary languages and programming tools specific to each equipment and robotic brand.

RCML Platform Collects Detailed Data from IoT sensors on robots and machinery and Turns It Into Factory Intelligence - Improves Production Performance, Overall Factory Efficiency

Our vision is to enable Digital Transformation of National Manufacturing from old-school to modern, software-enabled, sensor- and data-rich.

Contact Us:
e-mail: contact AT rcml.io
867 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02216
Company Leadership
Lana V. Graf
  • 10+ years in Executive Management
  • Boston Dynamics veteran
  • Accomplished and result-driven executive, with a track record of complete projects
  • Senior advisor and mentor to many AI, IoT, Blockchain spin-offs launched out of MIT
  • Education: MIT, Harvard
Alex Rand
  • 8+ years in Industrial Robotics, AI, Big Data, Software Engineering
  • Google alum
  • 2 years in Management Consulting - Automotive, Electronics, Chips manufacturing
  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • Multidisciplinary Engineer, Project Manager
  • Education: MIT, TUWien (Austria)
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